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Erasmus+ “Let’s make school our second home”

This year I’ve been part of the “C2 Erasmus Mobility Online Meeting” from the 4th to the 8th January 2021. Thanks to it I’ve been able to meet new people of my same age but with different cultures which has been very positive for my growth.

Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic we couldn’t meet personally, as we did in Italy and Greece (what an extraordinary experience!) but I am still in touch with some of the friends I’ve made, that’s proof that you can bond with people even virtually. Also the teachers were great because they gave us many tasks to achieve which were all interesting and almost everyone enjoyed them.

The last day was a very sad one, probably because since the project started in presence we couldn’t believe to say goodbye through a digital device. Of course I have been honored to be part of such an amazing project since 2018. I’ve collected so many memories I will never forget and I will always be grateful for. The message I would like to send to all the students is to take these opportunities because they fill your cultural baggage and mark you for life.

Giulia Durante

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